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Introducing United Valley Insurance Services

Our side of the risk management partnership we share with you just got better and stronger. We are happy to inform you that Strong Tower Insurance Group has been accepted as a member in the service-renowned insurance network called United Valley Insurance Services (UVIS). You, our friend and client, are the biggest winner in this prestigious step up for Strong Tower as it costs you nothing yet increases our ability to provide unmatched service in risk management, coverage, choices and pricing.
This strategic move gives Strong Tower Insurance Group instant access to many more insurance carriers and provides us with other member support services that are above and beyond what we had before.

UVIS is a collection of Arizona and California independent insurance agencies in operation since November 1983, making it one of the longest running networks in the field. Prospective members are screened very carefully and only agencies who meet the highest ethical and professional bar are permitted to join.

“This is a highly valuable move for our agency and clients. It makes us less vulnerable to changes in the marketplace and helps us provide even better service to our partner-clients. This is more proof we are on the right path when we made service to others FIRST our guiding philosophy. Strong Tower Serves!” – Marty Uhlhorn

Business Partners

Introducing BizAssure

BizAssure Logo | Strong Tower Insurance | Business Solutions ServicesImagine being able to save $800 dollars for every employee that works for you, every single year. Then, imagine you could have free unlimited access to attorneys that are ready to answer the business questions that keep you up at night. Finally, imagine that you could find almost any service your business needs and at a significant discount. No need to imagine, because Strong Tower has already made a significant investment into BizAssure to make this be a reality for your business.

Our partnership with BizAssure allows you to use free services that normally cost your business thousands of dollars and the programs that aren’t free are given to you at a BizAssure / AgAssure member discount.

When you become a client of Strong Tower, these are some of the services you’ll have access to:

  • Free Unlimited Consulting – Email or call to talk with experts from leading national law firms
  • Handbook Review & Creation – Get a free handbook review, a discount when you create one, and then BizAssure will keep it updated for free every year after!
  • Training Services – Need safety or sexual harassment training? Something else? BizAssure has the training your business needs to be at the top of its game.
  • Background Checks/Drug Testing – Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Make sure their ethics are right for your business.
  • Employee Placement – Not every employee is right for his or her position. Make sure new hires get placed in the job that best suits their strengths.
  • And Many, Many More Services

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Introducing AgAssure

AgAssure Logo | Strong Tower Insurance | AgriBusiness Solutions ServicesStrong Tower Insurance Group offers coverage options for those who work hard every day to “Feed and Clothe the World.” We recognize many of the challenges you face as a producer. Often being asked to do more with less….With volatile input costs and commodity prices, the bottom line matters. We understand that.

As with our partnership with BizAssure, AgAssure allows you to use free services that normally cost your business thousands of dollars and the programs that aren’t free are given to you at an AgAssure member discount.

Eligible classes include:

  • Farm
  • Ranching/Livestock
  • Dairy
  • Nut Hulling/Processing
  • Vineyards
  • Custom Farming/Harvesting
  • Agribusiness
  • Agritourism
  • Animal Mortality

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Prolific Business Solutions | Business Solutions Services | Strong Tower Insurance GroupStrong Tower is pleased to announce it’s partnership with Prolific Business Solutions, a Christian merchant and software provider for thousands of Christian business owners, churches, and non-profits across the country. When you sign up for this credit card processing, not only will you save money, but Prolific will donate a portion of its proceeds to Compassion International which sponsors underprivileged children worldwide. Contact Prolific Business Solutions today!

Surety / Bonding

Strong Tower provides solutions for different industries through our consulting and expert witness practices. We craft unique solutions to overcome the obstacles blocking your company from achieving its goals. We will efficiently and cost-effectively work with you to move your business forward in the current market.

  • Posture our clients for larger jobs and more backlog
  • Bonds up to $400,000 on just a personal credit report with good rating
  • Provide bond line capacity you can count on to support the projects you pursue
  • Work closely with your CPA to help better maximize financial management
  • For over 27 years we’ve been helping Arizona contractors achieve higher levels
    of bonding

Workers’ Compensation

Strong Tower Insurance Group delivers complete mod analysis to identify what losses are affecting your current mod rating, the lowest your mod could be, and the amount of money in between the two that you could be saving. We can pinpoint cost drivers, such as frequency or severity, and develop specialized loss control solutions to address your business’s specific needs.

Many business owners see workers’ compensation insurance as a necessary cost of doing business, or a tax, and nothing more. These business owners don’t recognize the competitive advantage available to them by working proactively to reduce their workers’ comp premiums and the costs of losses.

Typical results are:

  • Virtual Elimination of the Impact of Unnecessary Claim Reserves on Premiums
  • Virtual Elimination of Fraud
  • 75% Reduction in the Impact Indemnity Costs have on an Employer’s Costs
  • Claims / Reserve Review
  • 37% Reduction in the Number of Claims
  • 48% per Claim Impact on Costs

Benefits/Payroll, HR Solutions/CPA & Tax Consulting

We bring to you complete solutions for all of your employee benefits, human resources, payroll, and tax needs. We are locally owned with national capabilities. Our online capabilities help you avoid common mistakes so you can save time and resources. Our personal service strengthens our relationship that ultimately establishes trust and value in our partnership.

  • Individual and Group Benefits
    • Health, Disability, Life, Accident
    • Employee Benefits Compliance
    • Benefits Administration
  • HR Services
    • ACA Compliance
    • Payroll Services
    • New Hire Reporting
    • Business Tax Planning