Focusing on Customers and Valuing People, Strong Tower Serves.

We are here when you need us most – when life goes haywire and you desperately need a trusted friend to help. We are that friend, standing with you side by side. We are not a voice at the end of an 800 phone call. We are a highly dedicated independent insurance brokerage with a mission and a passion to help you. We are committed to providing superior customer service and quality insurance coverage to business owners, families and individuals. We are the Strong Tower Insurance Group.

You have a choice of insurance carriers, and we deeply appreciate that you are considering us. So why switch?

  • Our customer service is second to no insurance company.
  • Our fresh, creative ideas can improve your coverage and save you money.
  • Our carefully selected insurance carriers are among the highest rated anywhere.
  • Some day you may need people like us and carriers like ours when it counts most, we will be here.

Some would say we are idealists
We truly believe our mission is to serve you, and we work hard to be fair and honest and respectful. We serve with integrity and professionalism and believe in building long-lasting relationships. Naysayers might argue insurance is all about marketing and numbers.

Strong Tower Serves
We strongly disagree. We are here to serve you with new concepts and ideas that are backed by old-fashioned human values. Our culture is all about you. This is what separates us from everyone else. Our goal is to earn the trust and confidence of those we serve. This is why we can offer great coverage at competitive prices. Give us a try. You’ll like what you get.

We are the Strong Tower Insurance Group, licensed in all 50 States.