Valley Foster Parents got a long overdue night away from the 101 children they care for when sponsors like Strong Tower Insurance Group of Gilbert (pictured) contributed money and time to take over.

Foster children ages 1-13 years old enjoyed an evening of sports, movies, games and pizza at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran Church and School where 50+ volunteers stepped in to relieve the foster parents – some of whom had not had a break in as much as four years.

ASA Now is the local advocacy, support, and assistance organization who organized the event. Founder Anika Robinson was overjoyed at the turnout of both volunteers and foster children. She knows first-hand why foster parents often go long stretches of time without a break from the tremendous responsibility of caring for foster children. “I have nine foster children in addition to my own three and it’s not easy to find a reliable and state-approved caregiver to step in for a few hours, so we rarely get breaks,” she said. “One parent called me crying after the night out and repeated over and over how grateful she was for the time away.” She told us this is a way adults who want to give time to the foster child program in Arizona can help without being a full-time foster parent.

The event was so successful, more are planned for the future and more volunteers will be needed. Please contact her at for more ways to support our foster families and the difference they make in so many young lives.