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Strong Tower Insurance Group Expands In-House Risk Management, Loss Control & Safety Consulting Solutions

Strong Tower Insurance Group is excited to announce the addition of Erick Mauldin as Director of Relationships and Safety Consultant.

While focusing on the Intelligent Risk 365™ program, Erick will be providing our commercial, industrial, restaurant and retail clients and business partners with fleet/workplace safety and compliance education while developing, training and implementing systems of support in accordance with government regulations.

Intelligent Risk 365™ is a process of partnering with our clients to value engineer a complex risk management and insurance industry to systematically increase corporate profits. Buying insurance is a transaction that is necessary to transfer risk, but that is only a minor part of Intelligent Risk 365™

According to Marty Uhlhorn, Principal at Strong Tower Insurance Group, the current and foreseeable future of a hardening insurance market will continue to decrease corporate profits. It is vital that qualified risks explore Intelligent Risk 365™ and alternative risk financing options through large deductible and retrospective rating plans, group captives, and others that return as much as 60% of the premiums paid.

“Many agencies say they offer value added solutions, however, most of the time they are 3rd party technologies. At Strong Tower Insurance Group, our team of professionals offer years of expertise, certifications, and proven hands-on success! Most importantly a wide array of service is included in our program when we are the Broker of Record, while offering fee-based services when requested as well as for clients that are not ready to make that change yet”, Uhlhorn explains.

Strong Tower Insurance Group continues to develop into the premier insurance and risk management solution.

“Erick brings a career of experience and knowledge to effectively implement change in our business partner’s culture,” Marty Uhlhorn- Principal

Please contact Erick at 480-926-9011 or email Visit our website,

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